Party wall matters

Everyone wants to maintain good relationships with their neighbours, but sometimes, if a party wall matter becomes a bone of contention when building works are involved, an independent chartered surveyor who specialises in party wall matters can help to resolve the dispute.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 provides the legal basis for the prevention and resolution of disputes over party walls, boundaries and excavations around neighbouring buildings. If building works are proposed, such as a weathering detail or foundations for a new extension or a loft conversion, the Act sets a pathway for the preparation and service of notices and the preparation of a formal Party Wall Award. Which sets out the rights and responsibilities of the building owner (the party responsible for carrying out the work) and the adjoining owner (the party affected by the proposed work).

It is generally accepted that, due to the technical nature of the Act, surveyors should be appointed to oversee the preparation and service of notices and awards.

Trinity Rose Chartered Surveyors acts for property owners contemplating building works close to neighbouring properties and also for those who have been served notices under the Act. Party wall surveyors have a duty to resolve party wall disputes in an impartial and practical way and we work hard to ensure disagreements are settled quickly and seamlessly and that, wherever possible, good neighbourly relationships are maintained.

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