Surveyors in Basingstoke

Chartered Surveyors in Basingstoke

At Trinity Rose, our professional team of chartered surveyors in Basingstoke are here to help with a range of services.

Whether you are ready to arrange a thorough Level 3 Building Survey on a property you’re purchasing; are concerned about an area of damp; or are stuck in disputes with a neighbour and would like a Party Wall Survey, we’d be delighted to help.

We know and love the area, offering invaluable insight and local expertise. We are experienced, approachable and ready to answer all your questions.

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Why should I consider buying a property in Basingstoke?


Basingstoke offers a fantastic work/life balance to its residents. The town is a business hub and home to national headquarters for several big companies. Meanwhile, regular direct trains to London can transport you to the capital in under an hour.

Whatever your hobbies or interests, there’s plenty in this historic market town to keep you occupied. Basingstoke is surrounded by beautiful countryside and has parks and sports fields dotted throughout. There is a leisure park with cinemas, ice skating, bowling and swimming; fascinating Milestones Museum; shopping centre; theatres; concert hall; restaurants; pubs; cafes; and a twice-weekly market selling fresh produce and local treats.

Basingstoke has an interesting history and you can seek out evidence of Roman occupants through to a Tudor mansion and Victorian innovations. Post WWII, especially in the 1960s, the town saw great expansion. This has been fantastic in lots of ways, but properties from this era can demonstrate problems including asbestos. From whatever era the property dates, it’s sensible to book a house survey in Basingstoke with a trusted local professional.

HomeBuyers Survey Basingstoke

Basingstoke is made up of a great mix of houses from different eras. There is something for everyone, whether you prefer quaint and character-filled or sleek and modern. However, it’s sensible to investigate these houses in the form of a HomeBuyer Report (Survey) before you commit. This is to ensure that you don’t either overpay or encounter expensive, nasty surprises post completion.

At Trinity Rose, our approachable team of surveyors in Basingstoke has years of local experience. We offer a RICS Level 2 Survey with two options: HomeBuyer Report (Survey) or HomeBuyer Report (Survey and Valuation). These surveys will highlight serious problems but do not go into structural detail. Because of this, they’re a good choice for buildings built within the last 100 years and have not been drastically altered.

Whether you opt to include a valuation or not, your report will use a thorough yet simple ‘traffic light’ condition rating system. This ensures potential problems are obviously highlighted and the results are easy to understand.

A HomeBuyer Report (Survey) provides you with information about the condition of a property. It highlights particularly serious or pressing problems that may incur expensive repair work or specialist attention. You will also learn about issues that may impact on the value of the property. The report includes:

  • background information on the property and setting
  • assessment of the key building elements
  • a review of any timber/damp issues
  • a review of drainage and insulation

A HomeBuyer Report (Survey and Valuation) includes all the above plus a market valuation and insurance rebuild cost. Needless to say, this is extremely valuable information if you decide to negotiate with the vendor.

Whichever option you choose for your HomeBuyer’s Survey in Basingstoke, you will learn important information about the property. Our detailed, jargon-free report complete with colour-coded condition and energy performance ratings will put your mind at rest as you progress with your purchase. 

Building Survey Report Basingstoke

There are several properties in Basingstoke for which a RICS Level 3 Building Survey is the right choice. Broadly speaking, these include places that have been built from non-conventional materials, are old, large, heavily altered or if you’re planning major changes yourself.

This report, going into greater detail than other options, is also known as a Structural Survey and is the best way to ensure peace of mind before purchasing a property.

A RICS Level 3 Building Survey with our surveyors in Basingstoke provides:

  • details of serious problems and potentially dangerous conditions such as woodworm, dampness, subsidence and structural movement
  • any potential problems caused by hidden flaws
  • a description of all visible defects
  • photographs to illustrate our findings
  • an outline of repair options
  • details of what might happen if you don’t follow the recommended actions

Home Condition Report Basingstoke

Whatever kind of property you buy, no matter how new or apparently problem-free, should be checked over by a professional surveyor before you commit. However, not all properties require the same level of detailed inspection. A Level 1 Survey or Home Condition Report is the least expensive, basic choice for peace of mind when looking at newer homes.

In Home Condition Reports we check the property to ensure there aren’t structural problems and provide a simple overview which includes traffic light ratings.

Limited Defect Report Basingstoke

If you notice something that you’re specifically concerned about and don’t want the expense of a full structural survey, a limited defect report could be a good option.

We can carry out full diagnostic surveys on problems including cracks, damp, uneven roofs, infestations and other issues. 

This, including our recommendations for next steps, can be useful in your own home or a property you’re considering buying/renting.

Party Wall Surveying Basingstoke

Hopefully, you get on with your neighbours. However, it’s not uncommon to end up having serious arguments when works are planned at or near borders. At Trinity Rose, we are skilled in The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 and have years of experience helping clients navigate disputes.

If you or your neighbour are planning works at or near your border, we are able to carry out investigations. This is a good way to help maintain a calm understanding on both sides of the garden fence, preferably before you fall out.

Whether you’re ready to book a House Survey in Basingstoke, have a concerning crack in the wall you’d like us to investigate, or simply need answers to a few questions, get in touch.

Our friendly, knowledgeable team are on hand to help in any way we can.

We also offer surveys in other areas in Hampshire and Dorset including Chandlers Ford, Southampton, Winchester, Romsey, Park Gate, Alton, Farnham, Bishops Walton, Alresford, Lymington, Lyndhurst, Salisbury, Christchurch, Poole, Parkstone, Brockenhurst, Ringwood, Verwood, Fordingbridge, The New Forest and Wimborne.








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