RICS Launches its Residential Retrofit Standard

With rising energy prices and a net zero emissions target set by the government, many homeowners are looking to retrofit their properties to boost energy efficiency. RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) recognise the need for robust guidance when it comes to surveying properties in preparation for retrofitting, and their team of experts has developed the new residential retrofit standard.

Using this standard, trusted, qualified Chartered Surveyors will offer reliable advice to customers, helping them safely and effectively retrofit their properties.

What is the RICS retrofit standard?

The RICS residential retrofit standard provides a framework for retrofit surveyors to comprehensively survey properties and advise customers on their retrofit options. It sets a benchmark, ensuring a high level of knowledge, service and guidance is offered as standard.

When is the standard being implemented?

The new standard will come into effect from 31st October 2024.

What is PAS 2035 and is it different to the new standard?

You may have heard of PAS 2035 in relation to retrofit projects. This document aims to define a quality standard for the retrofit of energy efficiency measures in houses. It is different to, yet complements and supports RICS’ new standard in many ways.

RICS states that their standard provides a comprehensive framework for its members, ensuring a relevant and reliable service for customers. It also details the expected conduct, manner and different roles a RICS retrofit surveyor may offer.

What is a retrofit survey, and do I need one?

If you are thinking about retrofitting energy saving measures at your property, it is extremely important to first seek professional advice. Some houses are not suitable for certain measures and installing the wrong thing (or installing it improperly) can result in:

  • Ineffectiveness of implemented measures
  • Dampness
  • Mould
  • A reduced EPC rating
  • A decrease in property value

Obtaining a professional retrofit survey by a RICS qualified surveyor gives peace of mind that the property’s construction type and any pre-existing defects are identified. These can then be considered before relevant energy efficiency measures are installed.

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It is estimated that 25 million UK homes require a form of energy improvement and professional advice.[i] The great news is that the technology and expertise is available, it is just a case of identifying where and how to apply it.  The rewards are reduced energy bills and a healthier planet, which are certainly incentives for us all to consider some form of energy efficiency retrofitting.

At Trinity Rose, we are excited about the new RICS residential retrofit standard and what it means for the industry. We are confident it will help homeowners upgrade their properties with decisions enabled by reliable advice. They will ultimately save money and work towards that net zero emissions goal.

If you are interested in finding out more about retrofit surveys, our team of trusted Chartered Surveyors will be happy to answer all your questions. Please get in touch to find out more.

[i] Residential retrofit standard (rics.org) [Accessed 24/4/24]