What does a contract administrator do

What does a Contract Administrator do in construction?

If you are planning a commercial or residential construction project, there are lots of things to think about. From initial designs to hiring professionals and overseeing completion, there’s a seemingly endless list of admin to keep the project on track and within budget.

To help in any building project, big or small, a Contract Administrator can be invaluable in ensuring the work is completed in a certain way, to certain timescales. Let’s find out more about the role of a Contract Administrator and whether you need to hire one…

What is the role of a Contract Administrator?

In a nutshell, the role of the Contract Administrator is to manage the contract between the employer (you) and the building contractor, ensuring the contract is carried out in accordance with the agreed terms.

Duties of Contract Administrator

The exact duties of a contract administrator will vary project-to-project. However, you can expect a Contract Administrator to cover the following:

  • Inviting tenders
  • Preparing contract documents
  • Administering change control procedures
  • Holding construction progress meetings and compiling reports
  • Administering payments under the contract
  • Coordinating site inspections
  • Agreeing on defects reporting procedures
  • Putting together schedules of defects
  • Issuing a certificate of making good defects
  • Ensuring relevant documents are issued to the client
  • Issuing interim certificates and certificates of completion
  • Issuing the final certificate
  • Agreeing on the final account

They may also act as:

  • Project manager
  • Engineer
  • Independent Consultant
  • Decision maker/client representative.

When do I need a Contract Administrator?

You do not legally need to have a Contract Administrator, but they can be an invaluable professional to have on board a construction project. If your build is complicated or has several client parties involved, it is extremely reassuring to know that someone is keeping track of the contracts and ensuring that agreed obligations are met.

Contract Administrators help construction projects run on time and budget, ensure correct certification is acquired and can help avoid conflict between contractors and employers.

How long do I need a Contract Administrator for?

Technically, a Contract Administrator’s job does not begin until a building contract is in place. However, it is common for them to start before this point. Their job will be complete at the end of the contract and the time this takes varies project-to-project.

Hire a Contract Administrator

Handing over the duties of a Contract Administrator to a trusted professional is often essential in the construction industry, but it is important to find the right professional for you. At Trinity Rose, our Chartered Surveyors have years’ of experience acting as Contract Administrators on both commercial and residential construction projects. We are here to talk through your requirements and support you and your project.

Our experienced RICS surveyors offer:

  • Help to deliver a quality build within budget and to your time scale
  • Initial surveys, advice, feasibility assessment and design
  • Management of tenders
  • Appointment of contractors
  • Full project management and supervision

Get in touch

If you are embarking on a construction project, have any questions or would like to discuss appointing a Contract Administrator, please get in touch. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to help.